Sermon Title



May 26     Jerry Wernick The 1888 Message Audio
  19     Harvey Steck End-time Mission Work Audio
  12     Mark Fink What's Holding You Back? Audio
  5     Ilko Tchakarov Three in One Audio
April 29     Ilko Tchakarov How Good is God? Audio
  22     Lena Adams Mission Report Audio
March 31     Ilko Tchakarov Changing the World, God's Way Audio
  17     Ken Ray No "If's," "And's," or "But's" (incomplete) Audio
February 24     Albert Purdy The Church in the Wilderness Audio
  17     John Krum His Robe or Mine? Audio
  10     Paul Rayne Fi_l in Th_ G_aps Audio
  3     Ilko Tchakarov I Too Am a Prophet Audio
January 27     Merlin Knowles Sunlight or Headlamp Living Audio
  6     Ilko Tchakarov Celebrating Passover Audio


December 9     Steve Wohlberg The Mark of the Beast Audio
  9     Steve Wohlberg America in Bible Prophecy Audio
  9     Steve Wohlberg Israel, Babylon, & Armageddon Audio
  8     Steve Wohlberg The Beast on the Move Audio
  2     Ilko Tchakarov The Stranger Audio
November 25     Doug Leffler The Eleventh Leper Audio
October 7     Ilko Tchakarov Washing Feet Audio
September 30     Paul Rayne Victory is Through Surrender Audio
  23     Rudy Harnisch Martin Luther, Reformation & Islam Audio
  16     Albert Purdy Precious Jewels Audio
  9     John Krum Strange Fire Audio
  2     Georgi Chakarov No More Sin Audio
August 26     Jerry Wernick Eroding the Truth Audio
  19     Caleb/Hannah Rayne Why Can't We? Audio
  12     Ken Ray Walking in the Light Audio
  5     Ilko Tchakarov Now is the Time Audio
July 29     Larry Ewing Joseph: 12 Principles of Faithfulness Audio
  22     Ilko Tchakarov Book of Esther, Part 3: Providence Audio
  1     Ilko Tchakarov Book of Esther, Part 2: Deliverance Audio
June 3     Ilko Tchakarov Book of Esther, Part 1: Doomed Audio
May 13     John Krum Wholeness Audio
April 29     David Kimbrell As You've Never Heard It Audio
  22     Mike Hudson Endure the Trials of Your Faith Audio
  15     Paul Rayne Nothing is Impossible with God Audio
   8     Lonny Liebelt My Way or His Way Audio
   1     Ilko Tchakarov Proclammation is Not Enough (Communion) Audio
Mch 25     Ken Ray Truly.  Come, Lord Jesus Audio
  11     John Krum Two Kingdoms Audio
   4     Ilko Tchakarov Truth Restored Audio
Feb 25     Paul Rayne Truth Will Triumph Audio
   4     Ilko Tchakarov Believe God's Prophets Audio
Jan 28     Ilko Tchakarov The Work of Ministry Audio
  14     Larry Ewing The Advent Movement Audio
    7     Ilko Tchakarov Behold the Lamb (Communion) Audio


Dec 31     Mike Kier When Nothing Else Matters Audio
  17     Paul Rayne Approach is Important Audio
    3     Ilko Tchakarov The Unrecognizable Messiah Audio
Nov   5     Ilko Tchakarov Honoring God First Audio
Oct 15     Johannes Harnisch The Literature Work Audio
    1     Ilko Tchakarov Love One Another (Communion) Audio
Sept 24     Ken Ray Religious Liberty 101 Audio
  17     John Krum The Genius of the Cross Audio
  10     Jim Dicks We Have But One King Audio
    3     Ilko Tchakarov The Living Connection Audio
Aug 27     Mark Fink Forgiveness:  Six Ways... Audio
  13     John Krum The Faith of Jesus Audio
    6     Ilko Tchakarov The General, Prophet, and Young Girl Audio
July 30     Larry Ewing Motorcyles and Things Audio
  16     Danny Velez Because He Lives Audio
    9     Doug Leffler Three Steps in the Wrong Direction Audio
June 25     Ken Ray Old Paths to a New Place Audio
  18     E. Townsend Night and Day Audio
May 28     Jerry Wernick Shipwreck & Salvation Audio
    7     David Kimbrell Seven Pillars Audio


Oct   3     David Steward The Mark of the Beast Audio
Sep 12     David Steward Hold Your Peace or Press Release Audio
    5     Andrew Hohnberger Sanitized and Frustrated Audio
Aug 22     Jerry Wernick Understanding Esther Audio
    1     David Kimbrell Worship Audio
Jul   4     Pastor Velez Measuring Rod Audio
Jun 27     Lonny Liebelt The Plan of Salvation (incomplete) Audio
  20     Mike Kier Heaven's Tools Audio
    6     Pastor Velez The Mystery of Christ Audio
May 30     Barry Taylor The Gospel "S's" of Scripture Audio
  23     Larry Ewing Greatness (incomplete) Audio
  16     Joseph Olstad The New Former Adventist Audio
  9     Chris Tempel Vanuatu: Surviving the Storm Audio
  2     Pastor Velez A Gift From God Audio
Apr 25     Pastor Velez The Power of the Resurrection  Audio
  18     Rudy Harnisch The Other Son Audio
  11     Matthew Leffler Focus Audio
  4     Pastor Velez Worthy is the Lamb Audio
Mar 28     Ken Ray Buy the Truth and Do Not Sell It Audio
  21     Matthew Leffler The Christian's NEWSTART Audio
  14     Chris Tempel Satan and the Cosmic Battle Audio
  7     Larry Ewing The Temptations, Part 2 Audio
Feb 28     Larry Ewing The Temptations, Part 1 Audio
  21     Pastor Velez Perilous Times; Wonderful Times Audio
  14     Bud McCully What Makes You Happy? Audio
  7     Albert Purdy The Examination Audio
Jan 31     Larry Ewing The Testimonies Audio
  24     Lonny Liebelt Tower Builders Audio
  17     Mike Hudson God Means What He Says Audio
  3     Pastor Velez Blank Pages Audio


Dec 13     Bud McCully A Reminder Audio
Nov 29     Larry Ewing Adoption Audio
  22     Jim Poch God's Word Audio
  1     Pastor Velez Two Movements, Part 2 Audio
Oct 25     Pastor Velez The Cross Destroys  Audio
  18     Matthew Leffler Truth in the Heart Audio
  11     Theron Staddon The Gift of an Intentional Life Audio
  4     Pastor Velez Two Movements Audio
Sep 27     Albert Purdy Rekindling the Reformation Audio
  20     Dave Kimbrell What's All the Protest About? Audio
  13     Larry Ewing Dare to Be A Daniel Audio
Aug 30     Chris Tempel Endurance Audio
  16     Joseph Olstad I Beg to Differ, Part 2 Audio
  9     Lonny Liebelt Dust to Dust - Nothing More? Audio
  2     Pastor Velez Lessons From the Sower Audio
Jul 26     Larry Ewing The Face of Jesus Audio
  19     Joseph Olstad Loving is a Tricky Business Audio
  12     Larry Ewing The Ministry of Healing Audio
  5     Pastor Velez People of the Lord Audio
Jun 28     Chris Tempel Report on Lithuania Audio
  21     Mike Hudson Good Morning, This is God Audio
  14     Larry Ewing Five Bibles Audio
  7     Merlin Knowles Confidence in Christ Audio
May 31     Bud McCully Report on Stewardship Audio
  24     Joseph Olstad I Beg to Differ, Part 1 Audio
  17     Matthew Leffler Know the Gift Audio
  10     Ken Ray Present Truth (incomplete) Audio
  3     Pastor Velez Open the Door Audio
Apr 26     Pastor Velez What Was Done at the Cross? Audio
  19     Joseph Olstad This Something Audio
  12     Chris Tempel Facades and Assumptions Audio
  5     Pastor Velez Pilgrim Priests Audio
Mar 29     Larry Ewing My Strength and My Song Audio
  22     Andrew Hohnberger Press On Audio
  15     Larry Ewing Our Authorized Bible... Pt 2aPt 2b Audio
  8     Lonny Liebelt Ready to Meet the Bridegroom Audio
  1     Pastor Velez Sermon Audio
Feb 22     Pastor Velez The Cross Destroys Audio
  15     Joseph Olstad Two Birth's, One Life Audio
  8     Chris Tempel The 4 C's of Christianity Audio
  1     Pastor Velez The Bitter Root Audio
Jan 25     Matthew Leffler Give Ye Them to Eat Audio
  18     Larry Ewing Our Authorized Bible Vindicated Part 1 Audio
  11     Joseph Olstad New Year, New God Audio
  4     Pastor Velez Real Change Audio


Dec 28     Chris Tempel TEOTWAWKI Audio
  21     Music Christmas Program Audio
  14     Joseph Olstad Unclean Audio
  7     Pastor Velez Amazing Inequity Audio
Nov 30     Larry Ewing Faithful Unto the End Audio
  23     Joel Shearer Truly Thankful Audio
  16     John Krum Imagination (incomplete) Audio
  9     Brent Wilson Medicine for a Troubled Heart Audio
  2     Michelle Boothby Give Light to Our World Audio
Oct 26     Pastor Velez The Humble Heart Audio
  19     Chris Tempel His Standard Operating Procedure Audio
  12     Mike Hudson Time is Running Out! Audio
  5     Pastor Velez Following the Lamb Audio
Sep 28     Ken Ray Conflict Resolution Audio
  21     Jim Poch Faith? Audio
  14     Larry Ewing Our Passover Audio
  7     Pastor Velez Sealing the 144,000 Audio
Aug 31     Lonnie Liebelt Lessons from the Plain of Dura Audio
  24     Chris Tempel Investigating the Judgment Video
  17     Congregation Testimonials Audio
  10     Joseph Olstad Meditations On Hell Audio
  3     Pastor Velez Go Away Audio
Jul 27     Chris Tempel Atrophy Audio
  20     Jerry Wernick DNA and Destiny Audio
  13     Andrew Hohnberger Salty Christians Audio
  6     Pastor Velez The Cross Destroys Audio
Jun 29     Lonny Liebelt Beware of Rebellion Audio
  22     Pastor Velez At the Threshold of Life Audio
  15     Chris Tempel The Beast & The Mark Audio
  8     Bud McCully Assurance Audio
  1     Ken Ray Touchstones Audio
May 25     Pastor Velez Led by the Spirit Audio
  18     Andrew Hohnberger What Is It Worth To You? Audio
  11     Matthew Leffler The Acts of the Other Apostles Audio
  4     Pastor Velez The Gift of the Holy Spirit Audio
Apr 29     Nathaniel Marcoe The Appetite Audio
  13     Terry McComb In His Image Audio
  6     Chris Tempel The Blueprint: Earth's Final Movie Video
Mar 30     Joseph Olstad The Game Audio
  23     Pastor Velez A Biblical Call & Mandate Audio
  16     Jim Poch Conviction Audio
  2     Pastor Velez Total Victory Audio
Feb 23     Lonny Liebelt The Wedding Garment Audio
  16     Joseph Olstad Fool Me Once: Shame on You... Audio
  9     Joseph Olstad Why is Christianity So Boring? Audio
  2     John Krum When People Are Big and God is Small Audio
Jan 26     Matthew Leffler Hidden In My Heart Audio
  19     Pastor Velez The Man Who Stopped Jesus Audio
  12     Larry Ewing Revelation Made Simple Audio
  5     Lonny Liebelt Beginning Again Audio

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